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Slalom Skiing With A Double Stroller

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Blue Dress Collage 1 Blue Dress Collage 2

(Earrings: Costco  Dress: Target  Ring: F21  Shoes:

Patience is not a virtue I thrive at. I have a hard time waiting for things, especially when I’m in a hurry. My patience was put to the test this weekend when we went to our county fair. There I was pushing my double stroller along wanting to run over all the slow-pokes and meanderers. Why do people insist on walking so slowly?! In other news, I really love my new InStep Double Jogging Stroller because it passes all of those slow walkers up with the gracefulness of a slalom skier.

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  1. Gorgeous colours. I’m like a magpie to bright colours at the moment check out our recent post here xxxx

  2. courtneydchristenson

    Sorry if this comment posts twice…your blog always gives me trouble when I comment! 😦

    Anywho…LOVE the colors and that is a fantastic dress. 🙂 You are gorgeous! 🙂 Your hair also looks super pretty. 🙂 Also, crazy stoked for you to finally have your stroller. 🙂


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