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I Married An Old Man

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Hop on over to Life As Mom to see my post about choosing a summer dress that’s perfect for your exact body type!

floral skirt collage 1 floral skirt collage 2

(Shirt & Necklace: Clothing Exchange  Skirt: Goodwill  Shoes: HandMeDown)

When I got married, I knew my husband was an old man. He’s only three months older than me, but he’s an old fart at heart. Although he looks younger than he is, he listens to NPR, watches PBS shows (the Frugal Gourmet is on constant repeat at our house) and naps on the couch like a regular ole octogenarian. He constantly complains about body aches and critiques the way TV shows are written like it’s a sport. I guess I’m lucky that I won’t be surprised with a change in his behavior in fifty years. At least he doesn’t LOOK like an eighty-year-old, although I wouldn’t mind getting a senior citizen discount this early in the game.

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