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Sweater-Denim Jacket DIY

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I am so excited to have the lovely Kate guest posting today. Kate is a fabulous girl that just graduated from FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) and has her own awesome blog over at Hope you enjoy this rad DIY that she’s put together for you. Have a wonderful Fashion Friday and don’t forget to leave Kate some comment love!


I have an obsession with two-tone jackets. I love leather sleeves or contrasting colors. The newest trend that I am drawn to is sweater/denim jackets. While in school, we saw this trend circulating around and I love it. But, sometimes its hard for me to let myself buy yet another denim jacket {I think 3 is plenty}. So, I decided to reconstruct some of my clothing items to make my own sweater-denim jacket! The process is relatively simple and I thought it would be a fun thing to share!

Sweater-Denim Jacket Tutorial:

What you need:


1. A sweater you rarely wear but can’t seem to let go of completely.

2. A denim vest {you could also use an old denim jacket…just make sure to cut the sleeves off prior to the project}.


3. Sewing scissors– make sure they are strong enough to cut a clean line through the sweater & denim.

4. Sewing pins.

5. Seam ripper {let’s hope we don’t need that, but mistakes do happen}

6. Sewing thread.

7. Thread clippers {this is not a necessity, but they are a nice tool to have}.

The Process:

1. Cut the sleeves off of the sweater about 1 inch away from the shoulder seam. Note: DO NOT cut off the shoulder seam! You need enough seam allowance to pin and sew.


2. Pin the sweater armhole to the inside of the denim jacket armhole.


3. Sew the sweater to the jacket with 1/4″-1/2″ seam allowance. Note: Stitch the sweater from the INSIDE of the jacket. Always try to keep your sewing line straight-this makes sewing curves much easier. 

4. Trim any extra threads away from the jacket.

5. Viola! Enjoy your new creation!


Sweater-Denim Jacket Styling:


Jacket- Denim GAP vest attached to Forever 21 sweater

Shirt- Billabong

Pants- Levi Strauss

Shoes- Converse All Stars

Purse-Forever 21

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  1. Awesome, looks really nice<3

  2. Kate, you amaze me! Love it!

  3. Really, really cute!!!


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