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Are You My Mother?

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PicMonkey Collage 1PicMonkey Collage 2(Earrings: Helsberg Jewelers  Bow:  Dress: Thrifted  Belt: Thrifted  Ring: Thrifted  Shoes: Hand Me Down)

I have a friend that refers to her mom as “mom” in conversation. She doesn’t say “my mom” and so any snooping eavesdropper might assume that we have the same mother. I always poke fun at her and repeat “Oh yeah, mom…” while I roll my eyes. The funny thing is she isn’t the only person I have met that does this. Do you know other people that refer to their maternal unit as “mom”? Maybe I just come from a selfish breed because I find that even in conversations with my very own, flesh and blood siblings I say “my mom”, just in case my sisters were confused about whose mother we were talking about. 😉

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  1. Love the braid! Not the bow though 🙂
    I also say “my mom” when talking to my sister! ha.


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