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Bedroom Rollercoasters

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purple sweater 1 purple sweater 2

(Necklace: Plato’s Closet  Sweater: Amvets  Vest: For The Love Of  Shoes: Plato’s Closet & I’m obsessed with them)

Last night I got both of my sons to sleep before 8:15pm. A couple weeks ago, they were easily in bed and asleep by 7:45pm. But since the time change and the fact that we put a bunk bed in their room, it’s been a fight to get them to sleep before 10pm! I swear you’d think we put a rollercoaster in their room. A couple days ago, the boys were watching Sesame Street and Liam said to Simon, “Wanna go play on the bunk bed?” Since when does a bunk bed equate more excitement than television?! Bah!!

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