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The Kindness Of A Stranger

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(Earrings: Plato’s Closet Shirt: Target Skirt: Thrifted Shoes: Plato’s Closet)

Sometimes you are in bed almost asleep at 8:54pm (I know, I know that’s super early and I’m an old fart…laugh all you want) and realize you haven’t turned in your Redbox movie, which is due at 9pm or you will get charged.

Sometimes you jump out of bed in a panic and run out of the house, so you don’t get charged that fee.

Sometimes you pull up to the Redbox machine at 8:58pm and are crushed to see that someone is very slowly picking out their movie to rent.

And sometimes, as you stand there hopping nervously in your pajamas and barefeet, said stranger (AKA my good Samaritan) senses your frantic dance and steps back quickly so you can put your DVD in the machine with a mere forty-five seconds to spare.

Thank you, kind stranger. Your simple act of selflessness made my night.

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