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What If… AKA Deep Thoughts With Rena

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(Necklace: Cookie Lee  Sweater: GAP  Dress: Old Navy  Shoes: Amazon)

Here are some deep thoughts for you on this fine day:

-What if you became a narcoleptic just by staying up late too many times?

-What if in stressful situations, you could only sing opera?

-What if everyone had their own theme song that played whenever they walked into a room or their name was said?

-What if mold grew in your ear instead of ear wax?

-What if your muscles popped out if you swallowed big gulps of air?

-What if there was a certain kind of cannibal that only ate boobs?

Got any more deep thoughts to share or am I the only crazy around these parts? 😉

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  1. I find you incredibly quirky, fascinating, fun and it inspires me. What if pirates still exist?

  2. What a fun and cute post! Love the creativity! 🙂


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