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PicMonkey Collage 2 PicMonkey Collage

(Sweater: Goodwill-F21  Dress: Target  Shoes: Plato’s Closet)

When I was younger, people would ask me if I hated my freckles. I was blown away by this question because I felt completely the opposite. I LOVED my freckles because they made me stand out (which is something I sorta kinda love to do…guilty) and it made me closer to my make-believe BFF Anne Shirley. I always used to joke about my freckles molding together and then I would actually be tan. Well friends, the day has finally come. I noticed today that about five of my freckles have decided to start a gang and have clumped together into a giant (or maybe about half an inch) spot on my cheek and it’s not pretty. I am now afraid that I will start to resemble a dalmation. This summer I’ll be completely covered from head to toe as not to acquire any more skin damage. Anyone have a burka I can borrow? 😉

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