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Growing Up And The Importance Of Helmets

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Growing up astounds me. It seems as if you reach a point where you plateau. Where you mentally stay a certain age.

I am 31, but I still feel like I am 26. I look at my life and am completely floored that I have been married for almost 6 years and have 2 kids?! What the WHAT?! When did that happen? Why is life going so fast?!

And also, to confirm my adultness, I feel this great need to yell at kids, who are riding bikes, to wear a helmet. Don’t they know how important their little brains are?!

Yep, I’m a full-blown, rule-screaming grown up.



And please excuse the wrinkled skirt. I guess I’m not a full-blown ironing grown-up. 😉

PicMonkey Collage


(Shirt: Old Navy  Skirt: Old Navy  Belt: Ann Taylor Loft  Shoes: Goodwill-Jessica Simpson)

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  1. I’ll never be a ” full-blown ironing grown-up!” Love that!

  2. I thought you were still 26!!

  3. that pink is SUCH a good color on you!!


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