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Out The Door In Five (or 5 Ways To Be Pulled Together In 5 Minutes)

Hop on over to Life As Mom and check out my guest post this month with 5 ways to be pulled together in 5 minutes.

And because any post is boring without pics, here is a picture of my amazing cousin and her fabulous outfit.


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  1. Loved your guest post! I’ll be looking for pearl earrings at some point soon, but I always wear a pair of small diamond studs. I used to think they should be for special occasions, but why save them for just that? I love the idea of the maxi dress and with the shirt. Can i ask an embarrassing question? What is a maxi dress and where could I buy one without breaking the bank? How do you choose a color so it’s versatile?

    • Deanna~ I am doing a post on dresses tomorrow and included my favorite from Old Navy. Target also has some cute ones. A solid color is more versatile and make sure it has a lot of fabric to cover any problem areas and have a lot of swing. Hope that helps! Feel free to email me a pic once you get one! Good luck!


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