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Retail Therapy

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photo 4

Yesterday my beautiful cousin, Emily, drove all the way down from Orange County just to go shopping with me.

We spent hours (I’m not exaggerating) in the thrift store scouring the racks.

photo 3

We tried on clothes and took pictures of each other since there was no dressing room.

photo 1

I love how Emily takes an equal amount of joy with me in seeing the possibility of second hand things. In making up outfits with new-to-us items and trying to find the pretty in “pretty ugly” things (like a skirt with embroidered sail boats on the bottom).

photo 2

We walked around like we were the only two people in the store laughing and taking ridiculous pictures. It was so refreshing and such therapy to completely be myself with someone who loves me and enjoys the same things as me.

photo 5

And here is Emily’s fabulous outfit that she wore yesterday. A+ for layering.

What do you enjoy doing that makes you feel new and refreshed?

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  1. yourothermotherhere

    Going to the breakwater and just thinking or people watching makes me feel refreshed, recharged and renewed. Cute pictures of you two!


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