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Fashion Friday

Things I’m Recently Obsessed With

On the Street sighting on The Sartorialist…so bright and colorful

Women’s Dot Skirt from Lands End Canvas…so flirty and fun

Bug Dress on i believe in unicorns…a ladylike dress full of character, reminds me of Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus books

Cherry Print Blouson Dress from Gap…would look SO good on so many body shapes

Quinn Cone Heel Bootie from Lands End Canvas…so many possibilities to dress them up or down

Seaport Bracelet Watch by Kate Spade…unfortunately it’s sold out, not that I could afford it anyways 😉

Turquoise Stones Necklace by Lisa Leonard…so, so, so beautiful, I think I’d wear it everyday

Jade Serenity Stone Drop Earrings by stella & dot…classic and beautiful

Braided Bun by the beauty department…how does she get her bun so perfect??!

Everly Suede Pumps in Azure by JCrew…hello, my precious

Guadalupe Straw Shopper by Mar y Sol…yes, please!

Town Green Clarks in burgundy leather…I want to wear these with tights and a pea coat

Raleigh Leather Handbag by Marc Jacobs…a girl can dream, can’t she?

Did you start making your Christmas wish list? 😉

Happy Friday! 🙂

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  1. Wish lists are dangerous! Once you start putting one together, everything looks good… And then since its only a wish you start becoming more and more obsessed with the item. Is it worth your thought??

    On a side note: I would adore that Marc Jacobs hand bag hanging from my arm.. 🙂

    And I’m loving the anthro dress!

  2. I really like the brown dress and shoes. Your hair looks really pretty with curls. =)

  3. Funny, I find that when I make wish lists and think over an item, the less likely I am actually to buy it. It’s like putting it in my mental cart allows me the time to let the excitement subside. Rena I envy your smooth straight hair. I have almost the same hair cut as you, but it doesn’t really look like it due to textural differences.


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