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The Magic Hour

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I love summer nights because there is a “magic hour”  right before the sun goes down where the color in the sky is beautiful and the air is the perfect temperature.

The other night we jumped in the car and drove around with the windows open just to experience the glorious breeze on our faces.

Every time we came to a stop sign, we would let the boys take turns telling us where to go. They LOVED having the control over where we went and it led us on a fun little adventure.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer nights as much as we are!

And Fashion Friday this week made it onto Simple Homemade’s Weekend Links list.

Check it out here.

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  1. I love this post! 1. I love summer nights too. Although I especially love when it’s warm at night and you sit outside into the wee hours talking. 2. I love the idea of lettin your kids pick where to go. So much fun for them and for you too. Like, like, like.


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