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This week we had Kids Games at our church. I volunteered in the 2 and 3 year old class, so that my boys could participate. We had SO much fun! The only drawback was the shirt we were required to wear everyday.

To jazz it up a bit, I decided to change the shape, cutting off the sleeves and collar to make the neckline a little lower. I just went through my scraps and found colors that complimented the orange shirt. Then I added the lace ribbon as a “collar” and made three fabric yo-yo’s.

Believe me when I say, I am NO seamstress and everything I did was with a needle and thread (no machine involved!), so it possible for anyone to do it. (If you are a visual learner, like myself, click here to watch a video on a Yo-Yo how-to.)

 I am excited about the changes I made and satisfied enough to wear it in public. Now if only I could change the color… 😉

Happy Friday! 🙂

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  1. That shirt looked WAY cuter! Nice job, my crafty friend

  2. Your shirt turned out so cute Rena! We should bring plain tank tops to Bible study and decorate them. 🙂 I love your blue Goodwill dress!

  3. Nicole @ gidgetgoeshome

    Love the shirt! I linked to it on today. 🙂 Also, it is ridiculous how skinny you look in that cute blue dress!!

  4. You look especially fabulous in that blue dress. Hot mama! PS Your blog is my favorite way to start Friday. Thanks, friend!


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