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The next 10 items are the most versatile and essential items I have in my closet.They help complete all of my outfits and are easy to pair with each other.

1. A Comfortable Pair of Boots-I have more boots than I should, but boots make an outfit immediately look pulled together and are a perfect accessory to short, flowy dresses and skirts AND skinny jeans.

2. Scarves In Bright Colors-There are soooo many different ways to tie scarves and the bright color that close to your face helps you to look more awake because it brightens your eyes.

3. Long, Gold Necklaces-I prefer gold over silver and I love the longer length because it looks good with all necklines.

4. Skinny Jeans-Find a good pair that fits you well. You can pair these with boots, flats or sandals in the summer.

5. Leather Jacket-The leather jacket is so versatile and can make your outfit look classic or rocker chic in seconds. It is the perfect alternative to a cardigan.

6. Metallic Flats-I truly believe that metallic is the new black. The colors gold, silver, bronze and pewter go with everything and your toes will feel nice and pretty. 😉

7. Pearls-I’m pretty sure you could wear a potato sack and have pearls on and you would look pulled together. Pearls have a magical ability to make any outfit feminine and beautiful.

8. Waist Belt-A good solid belt in brown or black is perfect for nipping in a dress, shirt or cardigan and giving you a slender, hourglass figure.

9. Jean Skirt-If I feel frumpy, I’ll turn to my jean skirts, instead of jeans because it’s comfortable, but still dressy. Plus they are denim, so they go with EVERYTHING.

10. Dresses-I think dresses are the best thing for covering up any “chubby” areas you might not be too happy about. Make sure to buy ones that fit you well and are comfortable. The brighter the color the better.

(This last picture was taken by Liam, so he immediately wanted me to take a picture of him to put on the blog. Check out his pose.)

Happy Friday!

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  1. My favorite picture is of Liam ( just kidding ). I like outfit#1

  2. This is my favorite fashion Friday so far. Nice, comfy boots and a leather jacket have been on my list for a long time. I’m just trying to find the best ones. Also that Bannana dress is awesome!! Great job my fashionable friend.

  3. Where did you find that beautiful blue dress?? SO beautiful!!

  4. I love love love that blue dress!!!


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