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Most pregnant women get nauseous and sick. I, on the other hand, became a zombie. I was exhausted, to the point where I could have been mistaken for a narcoleptic. I wanted to (and did) lay down on any surface and close my eyes. This included the floor of the church sanctuary, my car on lunch breaks and sometimes even the random chair left in the handicapped bathroom stall. You have to understand, I am not the kind of person who naps, so this was a whole new experience.

Because I was exhausted, I could have gone to work in my pajamas for all I cared. But I did care and wanted to look nice. So, I came up with a solution. In those rare moments when I DID have energy, I gathered up my new maternity wardrobe and put outfits together.

I set out shirts I thought would go together with certain skirts, shoes and jewelry and took pictures of them. Then I uploaded them to my iPhoto and made a “Maternity Outfits” album. This was a super helpful reference to figure out what I wanted to wear when I woke up in the morning and my brain wasn’t functioning normally.

I’ve continued this with my standard wardrobe, since I’ve discovered that working and having two children can make me almost as tired as I was in the first trimester. I also take pictures of myself when I really like my outfits (hence the idea for “Fashion Friday”), so I’ll remember to repeat them at some point.

Because, let’s be real, wouldn’t we all like to go to work dressed like this? 😉

My cousin got married this weekend!

This is what you wear to attack a swap meet.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I adore the last outfit! The colors, the combo, the whole thing! Also, I do believe the shoes in the second pic are Steve Madden picked up at Ross by your cuz and passed on to you. I could be wrong. For my reference book I cut out pictures from magazines that use similar pieces to what I already own, but put together in new and different ways to inspire me and also remind me of what I have and how to style it out. I don’t always look at it, but when I’m stuck or have an event it is useful.

  2. Amber *Aponte formerly Smith

    There’s an app for that! Clozette I found it for free. It organizes everything and even has a place for wishlist pics. It’s 100% Rena!

  3. I so want to be you:) I just wish I owned one thing that was less than a year old, not maternity wear, and cute. I am now inspired to go shopping. I have my husband write to thank you later:)

  4. I like the second picture. Your outfit looks comfy……. plus, I like your hair.

  5. I love seeing your outfits for the week. You do great things with clothing!

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