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Best Bathing Suit I’ve Ever Owned

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Let me start off by saying that I’d rather go to the beach on a cold and overcast day in sweats than to be caught dead in a swim suit. I am not the type that likes to show too much, if any skin. I am incredibly modest and prefer to cover up any spots (*cough my stomach, thighs and butt cough*) that just aren’t that lovely and should be hidden away from any seeing person.

That being said, I have found a new suit that I LOVE and that pushes me out of my comfort zone, although I’ve never felt sexier. Go figure.


Here’s the story:

Right before Memorial Day, I was shopping at Target and got the urge to buy a new swimsuit. It has been two years since I bought my last swimsuit and I was still working off some baby weight back then, so there aren’t good memories attached to it (you mamas know what I mean). It’s a tankini and nothing is wrong with it per se, it’s just not incredibly flattering.

I went looking through the bathing suits and threw three one piece suits (two were the same in a different size) in my cart and walked to check out. There is no way I was going to put myself through trying on a bathing suit with those dressing room mirrors and bad lighting. No thank you.

I took them home and tried on the first one. And it was love at first sight. It definitely shows more chest area than I prefer, but it boosts my girls right up, instead of flattening them in an unflattering tube like my tankini.

I looked at the tag and realize it’s made by Assets which is a version of Spanx.


I really wish someone would have told me this ten years ago. I would have possibly attended a lot more pool parties sans board shorts and t-shirt. 😉

No wonder I feel so incredibly sexy! It hugs/lifts in all the right places and is a HUGE boost of confidence to this mother of two.

If you need a bathing suit for this summer, I urge you to look at Target. You can buy the same one as me online here. (I got a Large and normally wear a 10-12.)

Happy Fashion Friday!

Things I’m Diggin’

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These are some things that I’ve been loving lately.

Figured I’d share.

1. English Muffin Bread-So ridiculously easy to make and really, really yummy.

english muffin bread

2. These plantain chips from Trader Joe’s. They were gone in less than ten minutes.


3. This conditioner makes me want to eat my hair. Smells so good.


4. Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken-Yumm-o.

honey sesame chicken

5. Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer-takes my “glow-in-the-dark” legs to a nice natural tan color without streaks. Happy me.


So that’s what I’ve been diggin’ lately. How about you? Got any new recipes/awesome products you’ve been using lately?

Please share!!!

What I Love: Polka Dots

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Why I Love Them

-They are classic, timeless and oh so feminine.

-They are a statement print and come in different sizes (so you can go big or little, depending on your personality).

-They are incredibly versatile and can be easily mixed with other prints.

-They are fun, youthful and completely whimsical, but can be dressed up appropriate for the work environment.

How To Wear Them

-When paired with leather, you get a feminine rocker look.

polka dots with leather


-Solid colored skinny jeans on bottom are a must.

colored skinnies and polka dots

(source: unknown)

-On an a-line flowy skirt with a lacy top.

polka dots and lace


-On a pretty sundress, with your hair in a bun.

polka dot sundress


-With a blazer and a statement necklace.

polka dots and blazer

(source: unknown)

-Pair with another pattern, such as gingham, stripes or floral.

polka dots and gingham

(source: unknown)

-With a boldly colored skirt and skinny belt.

bright colored skirt and polka dots


-On a pair of skinny jeans, choose a smaller dot size and more subdued color, so as not to look too Minnie Mouse-y.

polka dot skinny jeans


So get out there this week and flaunt your polka dots!

Happy Fashion Friday!