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What I Love: Polka Dots

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Why I Love Them

-They are classic, timeless and oh so feminine.

-They are a statement print and come in different sizes (so you can go big or little, depending on your personality).

-They are incredibly versatile and can be easily mixed with other prints.

-They are fun, youthful and completely whimsical, but can be dressed up appropriate for the work environment.

How To Wear Them

-When paired with leather, you get a feminine rocker look.

polka dots with leather


-Solid colored skinny jeans on bottom are a must.

colored skinnies and polka dots

(source: unknown)

-On an a-line flowy skirt with a lacy top.

polka dots and lace


-On a pretty sundress, with your hair in a bun.

polka dot sundress


-With a blazer and a statement necklace.

polka dots and blazer

(source: unknown)

-Pair with another pattern, such as gingham, stripes or floral.

polka dots and gingham

(source: unknown)

-With a boldly colored skirt and skinny belt.

bright colored skirt and polka dots


-On a pair of skinny jeans, choose a smaller dot size and more subdued color, so as not to look too Minnie Mouse-y.

polka dot skinny jeans


So get out there this week and flaunt your polka dots!

Happy Fashion Friday!

On The Street

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photo 1

christina collage

I LOVED Christina’s simple, yet fabulous outfit. The black maxi dress acts as a blank canvas easily dressed up with metallic details. I would happily add this necklace to my wardrobe.

On another note, I woke up to my youngest throwing up on me the other night. Ugh. No fun at all. Now I am petrified that I am going to get this nasty bug. If I do, I plan on riding it out and losing five pounds because that is the only plus to contracting the stomach flu. Bleh, bleh, bleh. I would happily keep that extra poundage though if it meant I didn’t have to hang out in the bathroom for a day. Fingers crossed.


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I love change. Not when it comes to people, such as friends moving away, but I am a big fan of moving furniture around, trying new restaurants and changing my hairstyle.

As long as it keeps things fresh and interesting.

I love to take risks with my hair and make statements, thereforeĀ IĀ have this itching feeling to chop it or perm it.

Ruh roh.

Here’s what’s been inspiring me lately:

Hair 1

1-5- I love short, choppy bobs, but I think my husband would have a heart attack if I lobbed my hair off. Plus, long is so much easier to style (Can you tell this has been a continual argument in my head for a while now? Blerg.)

6-I love ANYTHING and everything that Rachel McAdams does. She’s so gosh darn pretty. If only my hair were naturally wavier…

hair 2

7 & 8-I love the longer layers of Carrie & Rachel’s do’s. Plus I would be able to pull my hair into a ponytail.

9-I’ve never really thought Jessica Biel was that pretty until I saw this picture (plus, she stole JT, so I don’t know if I can ever forgive her), but I LOVE the ombre color she’s rocking and the beachy, long layers with thick bangs (I’m not ready to give mine up).

10 & 11- I love these medium length cuts, especially #11’s waves.


And “The Carrie Diaries” has me wanting to perm my hair so badly. I mean, who wouldn’t want these Goldilock-can’t-keep-your-fingers-out-of-my-hair curls?! So, so, so pretty.