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Costumes Out The Wazoo

We enjoyed our Halloween week immensely.

On Friday night, we went to a Halloween party and I was able to dress like Rapunzel. My husband willingly dressed like Flynn Rider and I think he totally pulled it off, although there were complaints about carrying my purse (aka his satchel). Ha! The best part about being Rapunzel was getting to go barefoot.



Then on Saturday, we attended a “Hooverville Hobo-themed” birthday party, so we dressed up like hobos. Mad props again to my husband for agreeing to this and drawing on his own beard.


If you’re counting correctly…yes, I wore three different costumes this week. I like livin’ a wild life. Ha!

Hope you enjoyed yourself last week!

Tunes To Tap Your Toes To

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I can’t get enough of this song. It has such a great beat.

How fabulous are all of their dance moves?! I want to memorize each and every one.

Thank you, Soul Train.

Have a great Saturday!

Because I’m Naked, I’m The Boss

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My husband showed me these videos and I think they’re hilarious.

Totally worth sharing.

Hope you think the same.

Happy Saturday!