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That Elusive Number

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(Shirt: Goodwill  Skirt & Necklace: thrifted  Shoes: instagram shop)

Remember how I said my husband and I are racing to see who can get to 148 pounds first? Well, neither of us are there yet. It’s crazy how hard it is to get to a certain number. We have both been just a few pounds off for the last two and a half months. He even stepped on the scale the other day and while it was calculating it hit 148, but then evened out at 146. I weighed myself at night once at 149.2, but then when I woke up, I had gone up! What the heck?! It’s almost comical how ridiculous this contest has gotten.

Happy weekend!

All Things Felicity

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(Earrings: Cookie Lee  Shirt & Dress: Target  Boots: consignment store-Frye’s)

I’ve been rewatching the Felicity series (for the 4th time) and I am feeling so nostalgic. Because I was in college at the same time, it’s almost like watching videos of myself (although I don’t have naturally curly hair and didn’t go to college in New York, but it’s practically the same). The audio tapes she makes for Sally, her turtlenecks, the angst about figuring out who you are/who you want to be and the feeling in life that everything is moving so slowly. It makes me want to go back in time and slap my 19-year-old self and tell her to enjoy it all because it really does go by so quickly.

Sleep When I’m Dead

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(Scarf: GAP  Necklace: Sears Outlet  Sweater & Skirt: thrifted  Jacket: Target  Shoes: Converse)

We just had Spring Break last week and it flew by. We were fighting a cold the whole week, so that didn’t make it very fun either. I have a real problem “slowing down” though. I know I should have rested, but there is just way too many things to be done (aka deep clean the freezer) to lay in bed all day. Like the saying goes, I’ll sleep when I’m dead. 😉