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My Six-Year-Old Dressed Me: Outfit 5

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(Shirt: Ann Taylor  Dress: Plato’s Closet  Necklace & Shoes: instagram shop)

THIS outfit is exactly what I expected to be wearing all week. This one, in my thoughts, is totally one a six-year-old would put together. (I DID pull the shirt gather the shirt in the back with a hairband and tucked it under though because otherwise I was Frumptown USA.) When my husband saw it, his reaction was “Wow! That’s a lot of pattern!” But it grew on me. I felt very French and artsy in it.

What I took away from this week:

1. Kids of all genders LOVE clothing and accessories that sparkle.

2. My son has a pretty good eye for color.

3. Anything (even crazy patterns) can work if you are confident and don’t care what people think of you. Just “make it work”!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Really enjoyed going through your post! Very interesting and stylish too! Keep it up! Come and check out my blog if you get the chance, I just posted makeup trends straight from the runway, tell me what you think?
    Keep blogging!
    p.s. I just created a bloglovin account! Are you on there?

  2. I have really enjoyed getting on line to see what Liam has chose for you to wear… He has done a great job… You looked professional and beautiful all week… Oma thinks this deserves a trip to PETERSON’S donut’s !!! 👪👬

  3. Honestly I don’t think it looks that strange. I think with a warm toned shoe, red or cognac and maybe in an ankle bootie style this outfit looks very chic! Definitely more fashion forward or “risky” but I’d wear it!


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