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(Hat: Goodwill  Sunglasses: Hut8  Scarf, Dress & Jacket: clothing exchange  Shoes: thrifted)

Hey ya, Party People! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I took a week off for Christmas and that week turned into, well…five. I didn’t mean to stop blogging for that long, but to be honest the break was nice. I wasn’t super busy over the holidays (although my kids have been sick for the last two months…grr!), but never felt the desire to sit at the computer for longer than five minutes. It was lovely. But during that time, I was still creating outfits and taking pictures, so I have stuff to post for your viewing pleasure. And I’m back, fresh and renewed! (And how the heck is it almost February already!?!)

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  1. Lovely outfit! And I absolutely love your radiance and smile. And kudos to you for still continuing to live your life and have your own passions, because sadly lots of people can become all too wrapped up in partenthood and forget about themselves. I am not saying that parenthood is bad, just getting lost in it and forgetting to live a life separate of your kids is something people usually regret in hindsight. So, anyway, off topic, but kudos to your amazing outfit and your joie de vivre is really quite catchy. Makes me want to go out on the streets and do a few twirls and laugh in a fab outfit. x


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