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(Earrings: gift  Sweater & Bracelet: clothing exchange  Dress: Old Navy  Belt: Goodwill              Heels: Ross-Banana Republic)

Ten Random Facts About Me:

1-I used to sell the sandwiches from my lunches in elementary school to the highest bidder. They were that good. I guess my mom just has a knack for making stellar sandwiches.

2-Jesse (my husband) is the one and only person I’ve ever kissed.

3-I am crazy decisive and love making decisions.

4-I have a talent at rewriting the words to songs. Wayne Brady ain’t got nothing on me.

5-I’ve never been in a limo.

6-I hate having my sheets tucked in because it is absolutely necessary for one foot to escape at any given moment.

7-Just the thought of going “caving” or scuba diving gives me a panic attack, which leads me to believe I’m more claustrophobic than I ever knew. On the flip side, I would go skydiving in a heart beat.

8-I’m a lousy gardener…oh wait, everyone knows that. 😉

9-I worked at a restaurant after college and hated it.

10-We didn’t have TV growing up, so I am now a bit addicted to watching television.

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  1. So old school and classy. Love it. Especially the hairstyle, earrings and most of all, the shoes. xox


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