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Age Is Just A Number




(Sweater: Goodwill  Necklace: Instagram Shop  Dress: Clothing Exchange  Shoes: HandMeDown)

I turn 33 today and I am determined to make this an amazing year. I’m going to focus on being healthy, getting in shape and spending as much time as possible with my boys. I met someone the other week and after talking to her, I guessed that she was five or so years older than myself. It come up in conversation that she was only a year younger than me! That same day, my coworker (who is 25) was mistaken for an 8th grader! Age is only a number and after you turn 20, I think it’s hard to determine really how old someone is. All this to say, have a youthful mindset, take care of yourself and be happy because that makes the biggest difference in how old you look. 🙂

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  1. Pretty sure you’re too happy to ever be “old”. 🙂 Love you friend! And I miss you!!!!

  2. Happy birthday! Hope it is an amazing one!

    Ps. You look FAB!

  3. What a fun and flattering outfit!! Perfect birthday outfit!! Love you!!!!


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