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What Year Is It?!

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(Necklace: Target  Dress: Goodwill-Ann Taylor  Shoes: HandMeDown)

So I was looking through Seventeen Magazine the other day (Don’t judge me…) and I noticed these trends:

Butterfly clips in cornrows


Cropped tops


What year is it again?! 1997?! Because I’m pretty sure I could have kept all my AWKWARD clothes from high school and gifted them to one very excited teenage girl. Yikes. How am I old enough to have seen trends come around again? And WHY are they trendy again?! Scrunchies?! Really!?

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  1. It must be 1997 again because I noticed it to! Are you feeling some high school nostalgia?


  2. Katherine Kamin

    Because they wait for us to throw them all out so they can sell them again! Scrunchies are the worst…


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