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Clothing Optional

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(Necklace: Cookie Lee  Shirt: Old Navy Maternity  Skirt & Shoes: thrifted)

So, I’m getting to a point where the belly is sticking out so much that hardly any of my shirts cover it. At work I’m constantly tugging down at my shirts to make sure I’m “decent” and not walking around with a giganto midriff. And the last two days have been BLAZING hot in Southern California. I am not a fan of hot weather ever, but it’s even more unpleasant when I’m carrying around my own baby heater. (Seriously April?! You are a spring month! I would expect this from September, but not you!!) I thought I would be avoiding the heat by being due in May. Blerg. Seriously wish that clothing was optional. If only I could stay home all the time, although I’m sure my family would object and make me get dressed. Dagnabit.

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