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(Jacket:  Dress: Old Navy Maternity  Boots: eBay)

On Friday, I took banana bread with me to work to eat as my mid-morning snack. In between classes, I ran to the teacher’s lounge to heat it up, slapped some butter on it and ran back to my office. As I was working with my student, I nibbled on it. The banana bread smelled and tasted a little weird. I kept thinking, “Has this bread gone bad already?!” I didn’t see any mold and it didn’t taste moldy, so I ate almost the whole thing. At lunch time, I went again to the teacher’s lounge to heat up my leftover hamburger. As it was heating up, I got the bun out, as well as the mayo to spread on it. Only when I opened the tupperware, I found butter. And that’s when I realized that I had put the mayo on my banana bread. Wow. So gross.

This prego brain is taking me full force. It’s a wonder I am still able to drive. 😉

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  1. I LOVE that jacket!!! Cute outift!


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