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Lost In Translation




(Sunglasses: Gift  Earrings: Urban Outfitters  Blazer: Garage Sale  Dress: Old Navy  Boots: Consignment (Frye’s))

Sometimes I look at myself and am amazed at how much I’ve grown and how “normal” I’ve become in the fourteen years since I graduated high school (yikes that’s a long time!). And then I have a conversation with another human being and I realize I haven’t changed much since I was that nerdy awkward girl walking the halls. I swear my brain stops working when I have even the slightest interaction with an acquaintance or stranger. I jumble my words into one…the other day I told my coworker her necklace was “preautiful” (yup, that would be pretty and beautiful…duh). It’s very Brian Regan “take luck” (listen to this and fast forward to 1:50). And you should see me talking to servers in restaurants. It’s like George Costanza, complete train wreck. So go ahead and look at my pictures and make believe that I’m a confident, well-spoken individual. Ha!!

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  1. Really nice outfit, I love it! Susan x


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