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Style Blogger Interview: Tales For Karina Marie

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Today I’m interviewing Emily from the blog Tales For Karina Marie. I love Emily’s eclectic style and her carefree way of looking at life. Plus she works for Sperry, so she always has tons of fun giveaways. Hop on over and check out her blog!



Me: How would you describe your style?

Emily: Colorful. I LOVE color and everything about bright colors being incorporated into outfits to add more flare! I’d say If I could give my style a title, I guess it would be urban Mod. I can be really feminine at times and then I’ll rock the flannel masculine look. I love dressing casual with masculine touches.

-How/why did you start your blog?

My best friend of over 10 years died in a car accident in September of 2011. I decided to start a blog to dedicate to her, and use my love for fashion and styling as the foundation.

-What is the biggest challenge about having a style blog?

Keeping up with outfit posts! Sometimes I’ll feel so uninspired. ESPECIALLY in the middle of the summer when I’m all sticky and sweaty and just NOT feelin’ it.

image 2

-How has your style changed/evolved since you started your blog?

My style is COMPLETELY different from when I started my blog. I’ve always been known as the “eclectic friend” who’s kinda crazy and dresses a little bizarre, but it’s definitely gotten more preppy-friendly since I work for one of the preppiest brands in fashion footwear.
-If you could have any clothing item right now, what would it be?
This mustard dress with blue bows from Ruche that I’ve been eyein’.

-Who has been your fashion inspiration?

Audrey Hepburn, Marcus Mumford, Zooey Deschanel

image 4

-What are some of your favorite fashion tips/tricks you would pass on to a little sister or your future daughter?

Quantity does not mean quality. Buying a fafillion things at Forever21 or H&M is not wise in opinion. Those pieces will last 1-4 wears in my opinion and then you have to throw them away. You also can’t resell those pieces as easily.

-What’s your biggest fashion mistake?

I got into a thrifting frenzy a couple years ago, and I started purchasing pieces just because I could, and then I never wore them because they were pieces of junk. SO I rarely thrift now. I save thrifting for vintage pieces only.

-What’s your favorite place to shop?

Modcloth & Anthropologie (they’re a tie)

image 3

-What article of clothing do you find you wear on repeat?

Jeans. I love jeans.

-Where do you get your outfit ideas from?

Myself. Pinterest. Current trends.

-What is the best way to spend $50?

Groceries. I know that’s not fashion-related, but I find myself budgeting out fashion before food. That’s never good. Ha!

-Who is your celebrity style inspiration?

Carey Mulligan, Emma Stone

-What item is without fail, always in your purse?

My patchouli homemade scent, my wallet, chapstick

-What do you think are five key pieces every woman should own?

A little black dress, a white tee, a nice pair of straight-legged stretchy jeans, a pair of nude flats, and a poncho

 Happy Fashion Friday!

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