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Style Blogger Interview: Run Style Run

Today I’m interviewing Brandi from the popular blog Run Style Run. Brandi has an amazing bohemian style and is an expert thrifter. I follow her on Instagram and love to see all the amazing treasures she finds. I gotta get myself up to Idaho because they look like they have some stellar thrift stores up there. Thanks again, Brandi, for answering my questions and being a part of this segment!


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Me: “How would you describe your style?”

Brandi: “My style is very simple. I love all things comfortable yet fashionable. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year when it comes to my personal style. I love floppy hats, maxi skirts, beanies, button downs, large chunky sweaters, scarves, and boots (items I find excuses to wear all year round..hehe) If you were to look in my closet you’ll find lots of basics to mix and match. There is nothing better than a simple white tee and jeans… and it’s so easy to jazz it up with a fun scarf and ankle boots. I love adding some gold jewelry including simple layering necklaces and rings.”

-How/why did you start your blog?

I loved looking for style inspiration through blogs and thought it would be fun to motivate myself to help inspire others. I definitely didn’t start it thinking “I want to make money.” In fact I limit my blog to very few sponsors because I don’t want to lose the focus of making it “me.”

-What is the biggest challenge about having a style blog?

I do get overwhelmed when I have a lot of pictures to sort through and edit. It can be time consuming and I don’t want to waste too much time sitting in front of my computer. I don’t usually post every day. I want my blog to continue being a joy for me. I post when I feel inspired. On days when I don’t feel like posting an outfit, I will share my thoughts or daily activities.


-How has your style changed/evolved since you started your blog?

I like the word evolved because I don’t feel my style has changed too much…But it has definitely evolved. I feel I know what works for me and doesn’t. (Not perfect, some days I wonder about an outfit I chose to share…hehe) Something that has changed immensely is my confidence (not in a bad way). I have discovered what I want my blog to be more about. I don’t worry about how many people follow it or don’t. I feel I know myself better and I’m comfortable in my own skin.

-If you could have any clothing item right now, what would it be?

Skinny jeans, a basic tee, an oversized sweater, ankle boots, and a large carry-all bag. I have come to the conclusion to stop buying those ridiculous items that are cute here and now, but after I wear it once I wonder what I was thinking. For years I have worn a simple basic tee and jeans, so I try to stick to those basics when I shop.

-Who has been your fashion inspiration?

Some of my favorite bloggers are favorites among most bloggers…hehe. I love Natalie from heynataliejean. She’s not a fashion blogger but has that simple yet flawless style. I also love Naomi from Love, Taza. She has her own style and isn’t afraid to mix things up. Sydney from The Day Book always has the best basics as well. They’re three of my favorites although I could go on and on about others!

-What are some of your favorite fashion tips/tricks you would pass on to a little sister or your future daughter?

As I have gotten older, I like to follow trends but at the same time they go quickly. Stick to the basics and what you like. Be yourself, don’t focus too much on what others like. Red lipstick is a must have. Don’t leave the house in your pajamas. Do what makes you feel beautiful.


-What’s your biggest fashion mistake?

Buying trendy items that aren’t very versatile. I seriously hate myself when I buy something that I wear once. Especially when I spend a little more than I should on it. BUYERS REMORSE is my worst enemy! Another mistake is buying something because it’s cheap. I made a rule that if I don’t love it or if I question it, don’t get it…. even if it’s $2. haha.

-What’s your favorite place to shop?

Thrift stores are number one for me… But if money weren’t an issue I would only shop at Madewell and Anthropologie. I have quite a few items from both stores I have collected over the years and never regret them.

-What article of clothing do you find you wear on repeat?

Madewell pocket tees. I own black, white, gray, and blue and they’re regularly filtered through my outfits.


-Where do you get your outfit ideas from?

I find a lot of inspiration on instagram and pinterest. Also have you ever looked at Madewell’s blog?? Swoon… Best essential inspirational outfits out there.

-What is the best way to spend $50?

$50 is so easy to spend for me haha. The question is “the best way” though. I would say at a thrift store. A lot of people tell me “I never find anything.” That is the key…. You need to take the TIME to find. I could spend easily 2 hours in a thrift store. I will look through everything. I’ve gotten to the point where I can spot things easier by skimming… or if I have certain items I want…I’ll look more for fabrics. You can get so so much for your money. And what’s even better is that you can find name brand, expensive, and sometimes even brand new items for practically free! You would be shocked some of the items I have thrifted. It’s what always keeps me going back!

 -Who is your celebrity style inspiration?

Lauren Hutton back in the day had amazing style, Sarah Jessica Parker, the Olson Twins, Nicole Richie….. It’s not even necessarily their wardrobe in a whole but I have found some amazing looks they have put together. I also find a lot of inspiration in movies. I am a big movie buff… An example would be Beth in “The Lucky One.” Simple flowy, comfortable tops, neutral colors, boho dresses….I LOVE it!

anthro 2

-What item is without fail, always in your purse?

My red Hobo wallet.  It fits anything and everything! I always have lipstick as well whether it’s nude or red.

-What do you think are five key pieces every woman should own?

Dark wash skinnies, white tee, gold watch, a jean jacket, and aviators.

Happy Fashion Friday!



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  1. LOVE this Outfit :O !!!!!!!! ❤

    Greats, fLow

  2. Thank you for featuring me on your blog my dear. It was fun to answer all your questions and even though I’m not the best with words, i really enjoyed it. YOu’re the sweetest.


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