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A while back my husband left me some lyrics to a song written and taped to our bathroom mirror. Jesse had heard it on the radio, liked the song & lyrics and wrote them down really quickly not knowing the band that performed them. They were really sweet words, almost poetic, but they also sounded super familiar to me. So I typed them into trusty Google and realized that they were the lyrics to a One Direction song. Now my husband isn’t incredibly snobby about his music preferences and enjoys a lot of different types, but boy bands can not be found on his playlists. So, to add to his radio shame, this past week he was listening to the radio again and heard another song he liked, only to find out it was…Katy Perry. Ha! I might never let that one go.

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  1. Thats the second time I’ve really liked a song and it’s been Katy Perry. 😦

  2. Hilarious! Its okay Jesse! I’m the person that makes up my own lyrics because I don’t quite know what they are actually saying. Rich ALWAYS corrects me. 🙂

  3. Kenny watched Katy Perry’s movie and now he’s almost in love with her. One Direction, not so much. I do appreciate their video to their Best Song Ever though. Classic 80s video build up.


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