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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

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This Thursday I put on this cute baby doll dress as part of the Coast to Coast Challenge.


When I went inside, I realized I was so out of it, that I hadn’t even put earrings on. I quickly found some I liked and then remembered how I don’t like how the bodice of this dress gapes, so I added a brown vest I own. When I looked in the mirror, I liked the resulting outfit so much more than just the dress.

And so I asked my husband if he would take my picture again. Yes, ladies, he’s a keeper.




(Earrings: Swap Meet  Dress: Target  Vest: instagram account  Shoes: HandMeDown-Top Shop)

Layering adds a certain element to an outfit and allows you to change the feel. My original look was very girly, but I love how the vest sorta “hardened” the whole outfit.

Happy Fashion Friday! (I almost missed it!)

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