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Who Needs A Store When You Have An IPhone?

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(Necklace:,  Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft  Skirt: Old Navy  Shoes: Ross-Banana Republic)

Last week, I took the boys to get a haircut. I noticed one of the stylists wearing this adorable shirt with colorful birds on it. I gushed at how much I loved her shirt and asked her where she got it. She responded, “Target. No, the Loft!” In my sneaky stalkerish ways, I immediately got on my phone to find the shirt online. I found it rather quickly, but was super bummed that it was out of stock. Not one to take no for an answer, I contacted my friend, who happens to be a manager for a Loft. She said that they sold out of them quickly, but that she could find one in another store for me. She found it for me and it was 60% off AND they shipped it to my house. All of this before we even left the salon! And all it took was a little persistence, my iPhone and one rock solid connection that hooked me up! Woot!!!!

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  1. That is too funny, i love the shirt. So all that work must have been so worth it. Love the whole outfit, the skirt is such a pretty color. Also wanted to apologize for never getting back to you via email, life has been crazy hard for us lately. Hope you understand 🙂 Have a WONDERFUL tuesday! 🙂

    • Hey! No worries. I know how hard and crazy being pregnant makes life. Maybe I could email the questions to you and if it seems like something that you could manage, fill it out? If not, I’m totally not offended and just feel free to ignore it. You’re halfway there!! 🙂


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