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Hula School Dropout

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lace shirt 1 lace shirt 2(Hat: Goodwill  Shirt, Necklace & Shorts: Plato’s Closet  Watch: Nordstrom Rack-Kenneth Cole  Belt: Ann Taylor Loft  Shoes: HandMeDown-Top Shop)

When I was younger, I never hula hooped. I think I was too busy running and climbing things to stand in one place. It wasn’t until I was much older that I actually attempted to balance a hula hoop around my middle. And as easy as other people made it look, I could not get it to stay up for more than two spins. I was/am flabbergasted. I have birthing hips…a phrase lovingly coined by my mother to mean big hips. Shouldn’t big hips keep a hula hoop up without even trying?! I mean it’s like a built in cheat, but apparently it actually works against me to make me a hula hoop failure. I’ll keep trying, but I can almost guarantee that unless my hips go away (which is impossible unless I shave my bone down…ouch!), I won’t be winning any hula hooping contests at any point in my life.

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