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I am enjoying summer.

Enjoying not having to have a schedule and being able to just…be.

It’s been lovely.

But blogging has fallen by the wayside and I apologize. It’s just so gosh darn lovely outside that I don’t want to sit down at the computer.

Here is a post with some old pictures taken by my phone, so bear with me.

I am a “skirt and dresses” kind of girl and rarely wear shorts. I find it hard to not just throw on a grubby t-shirt and flip flops when wearing shorts (nothing is wrong with this by the way, but it’s definitely not “style blog worthy”).

So here are some ideas for jazzing up a pair of shorts.

1. With a tucked in blouse and wide belt (work appropriate).


2. With a 3/4 length sleeved sweater and metallic flats.

photo 6

3. With a sequined top. Duh.

photo 4

4. With a graphic tee shirt and bright colored flats.

photo 1

5. With a belted blouse and leather flats (work appropriate).


6. With a solid color blouse and cowboy boots.


7. With animal print and brightly colored sandals.


8. With a button-up safari shirt and moccasins.


Happy Fashion Friday!

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