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Necklaces Reorganized

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For a very long time I’ve kept my necklaces in two boxes. The first one was for my large costume jewelry and the second for necklaces that are a bit more delicate. The delicate ones I kept in individual plastic baggies to protect them.

This system worked for a little bit, but I found myself going for the same necklaces all the time because it wasn’t easy to see all my other options.

Also, I got really lazy at putting things back in the box and they ended up all over the top of my dresser, which thrilled my husband. 😉

Exhibit A


I needed a change, but I didn’t know how I wanted to organize them. I watched this video (fast forward to 4:00) and really liked how she had all her necklaces hung, so I started the hunt for a good hanger system. At Target I found one that was amazing because each hook was broken up into three hooks, so there was a total of fifteen places to hang different groupings of necklaces.

I started out by laying all my necklaces on my bed in color order. (What you can’t see are two little boys that insisted on helping me.)


Then my incredibly handy husband hung the hook system up for me and I transferred the necklaces to it. The whole process took only about a half hour and I’m so happy to have all my necklaces visible and my dresser top cleared off.


Now to organize my earrings and bracelets. Any suggestions?

Happy Fashion Friday!

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  1. Deanna Eppley

    I don’t know how many earrings you have or their sizes, but you could use a tackle box…I used to keep embroidery floss in it when I was younger and made friendship bracelets!


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