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Pop Up Video History Lesson

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(Earrings: HandMeDown  Shirt: Target  Skirt: Goodwill  Bag & Shoes: Plato’s Closet)

Last week, the hubby and I started watching “The Tudors” on Netflix. I love history (like “thought-about-majoring-in-it-love”), but I am not the hugest fan of sixteenth century England. There is too much blood, gore and super confusing relationships/politics going on. It made me have a genius thought. What if there was “Pop Up Video” for confusing TV shows? Remember “Pop Up Video” where random facts about a band and their song came up during the showing of the music video? Well, this would be like that, but as you watched your TV show, facts that explained things like “King Henry VIII desired to have a son to be his heir” or “Henry’s wife Catherine was previously married to his older brother Arthur”. I believe this would make the show so much more enjoyable and save me from spending hours combing through facts on Wikipedia.

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  1. Hot nerd. I like. ~jesse


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