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This past weekend, I went to a shower to celebrate my best friend becoming a bride. Because it was a girly party, I wanted a cute, classy and comfortable outfit.

I recently purchased this green skirt from and couldn’t wait to wear it. Since this was the perfect opportunity, I looked on my Pinterest style board for inspiration. I found this picture and decided to pair it with a chambray shirt and belt.

photo 4

I have been wanting to wear a scarf around my head, as inspired by my friend Hannah’s instagram (I’m desperately trying to get her to do a guest post). I picked a blue green scarf I own and tried to wrap it around my head, but it was ultimately too long and looked weird, so I switched to my white scarf with green polka dots. I attempted to tie it in a knot like this, but had a hard time.

photo 1

I couldn’t get a nice knot, so I just decided to keep it as a bow and wear it on the side of my head. Then, I settled on simple pearl earrings, since the scarf was so busy already and paired it with a simple white ring.

For the shoes, I chose a gray suede pump to give me height, since the skirt hits me below my knees, causing me to look shorter. I considered wearing sandals, but the pump matched the dressy vibe I was going for.

Finally I topped it off with some bright red lips because it makes any outfit girly in an instant.

And THIS is the final product.

scarf bow collage 2scarf bow collage 1

(Scarf: ???  Shirt: Old Navy  Belt: ???  Skirt:  Ring: Plato’s Closet  Shoes: Goodwill)

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