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Pin The Tail On The Human

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pink sweater blue skirt collage 1pink sweater blue skirt collage 2(Shirt and Necklace: HandMeDowns  Sweater: Goodwill (F21)  Skirt: Goodwill  Boots: Steve Madden)

I was at a kid’s birthday party last week and they were playing “Pin The Tail On The Donkey”. If you’ve never heard of this game, the player dons a mask covering his eyes so he can’t see, is spun around a couple times (enough to disorient him), then sent off in the direction of the poster with the picture of a donkey on it and attempts to pin the tail as close to the appropriate spot (err…the donkey’s behind). It got me thinking, what if God designed human beings like that?! Like someone would end up with their eyes where their bellybutton is and an arm coming out of their skull? We’d all look like a bunch of Picasso paintings come to life. I guess it would suck if you were formed the day God got spun around one too many times. Ha!

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