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(Shirt: Ross  Skirt: Thrifted  Bracelet: Clothing Exchange  Shoes: Thrifted)

I just recently found out that my cousin founded a BBQ club at his high school. And so followed the thoughts in my pretty little head…First, I am extremely proud of the initiative and leadership Brian took to take his hobby and turn it into a full-blown club. Second, YOU CAN START CLUBS IN HIGH SCHOOL?!! How did I not know this? I want to go back now and do it all over again. I would totally start a “hammock club”. I would have car washes to raise money to purchase hammocks and have them placed all over the school, so kids could take breaks and gaze at the sky in their very own hammock. Life is just better when you lay in a hammock. You’re able to breath, be still and gather your thoughts. Exactly what every high schooler needs, right?

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