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Happy Birthday, Bloggy Blog Giveaway!

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It’s been one year since I started doing Fashion Friday.

It’s crazy to me that a year has gone by already. That it’s been a year since I decided to actually use my photography blog (which has now been co-opted by some Polish hackers…grrrr) since it was being paid for and not used. I was already taking pictures of my outfits, so I figured I would share it with the little corner of the internet that cared to stop by.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be posting at least three times a week and that I would have as many followers as I do.

My beautiful friend Myste has an magical way with a crochet hook and yarn and makes the cutest/coolest little items. Both of my boys are lucky enough to have a blanket from her.

She sent me this headband and I am in love. It’s crazy how just covering your ears can keep you so warm.

To help me celebrate, Myste has generously agreed to a giveaway. One lucky winner will win a $10 credit to her etsy shop, French Fabrications.


To enter leave a comment telling me what your most proud of accomplishing in the past year.

Contest ends this Monday, March 18th, 2013 at midnight PST and one winner will be chosen at random.


Thanks for your love and support over here at my blog. Can you guess what my greatest accomplishment has been over the past year? ūüėČ

Myste has two other etsy shops and is offering a 15% off credit to any of the three shops. If you’d like to get shopping and receive your discount, just enter “SMILE” into the coupon code section.

Here is a link to all three shops:

French Fabrications-crotched accessories and stuffed animals

Everything Lovely And Wonderful-vintage housewares and accessories

Fruits Of The Forest-wedding accessories and fantastic hair pieces

Happy Friday!

The Power of Accessories

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Roll on over to Life As Mom and check out my guest post about Accessorizing Yourself!

Honest confession, I have been too exhausted to put my contacts on. Which means I have to literally stick my face IN my makeup bag to see what I’m pulling out. I’d say I’m “as blind as a bat”, but wouldn’t that mean I’d have no sight AND also have sonar capabilities? ūüėČ

photo 1 (14)

photo 3 (8)

photo 2 (15)

(Earrings: Urban Outfitters  Jacket: Clothing Exchange  Shirt: Old Navy  Jeans: Target  Shoes: Thrifted)

Lace On Lace

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So simple. So effective.

photo 1 (13)

photo 2 (14)

photo 3 (7)

(Shirt: Plato’s Closet ¬†Necklace: Cookie Lee ¬†Dress: Kohl’s (Lauren Conrad) ¬†Shoes: Hand Me Down)

And I’ll leave you with a little story.

One night last week, as we walked out of Home Depot and Liam carried the box of things we just purchased, a lady, who had parked right near the exit to the store, asked us “Is that my box of stuff?”

Flustered and completely confused, I replied, “No, we just bought this.”

She then said, “Well, EXCUUUUUUUSE me.” (As if we had just offended her.)

I really don’t know what to make of this little conversation. Did she think a 4-year-old worked at Home Depot and was bringing out a box to her?! So very random.

Have a fabulous day!!