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Our morning started out a bit differently than most Sundays.

We had a sleepover at a friend’s house (first time for my boys) AND it was the time change, so all that combined we had  a very sleepy day.

We started the morning off by eating oranges in the sunshine.

photo 1

While we grownups got to juicin’ and drank our veggies.

photo 4

We dyed some jeans. (I’ll do my best to follow up with a completed project pic in the near future.)

photo 3

Then we hit up a local thrift store. We might have been insane taking four kids shopping during nap time, but they were all surprisingly well-behaved.

photo 2

Great friends don’t need to be asked to buckle your kids in. They just do it.

photo 1

This kid decided to fall asleep AS we turned onto our street and promptly woke up again as soon as the car stopped. Grr.

photo 5

I spent nap time (once they finally fell asleep) making this ornament garland. I’m so excited with how it turned out!

photo 5

My favorite snack lately is bananas with honey roasted almond butter. So delicious.

photo 4

The exhaustion finally overwhelmed me and I crashed on the couch. What is it about mommy laying down that makes kids need your immediate and full attention?!

photo 3

Lastly we decided to take our dinner up on the hill above our house to try to catch a glimpse of the comet. My husband and his love for astronomy keeps our life interesting.

photo 2

How was your Sunday? Hope you’re feeling refreshed and ready to start the week tomorrow!

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