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Garage Sale Blazin’

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Last Friday, I was on my way home from work when I saw a random garage sale. Not being one to drive past a driveway full of treasures, I stopped to take a look around.

There were a lot of clothes, so my interest was immediately peaked.

Among them I found a couple cute jackets, a sweater and this beautiful white blazer.

It is super well made with a soft material and lining.

And I bought it for only $3!


I am so stoked with this purchase and the amount of possibilities this gorgeous article of clothing has. Stay tuned for a lot of outfits coming your way in the near future featuring this beauty.

Garage Sale-ing Tips

-First peruse from your car, if you don’t see a lot of clothes, don’t waste your time.

-Look at everything! You might not know when a sweet gem will be hiding under a mass of other clothes.

-Try it on, if possible. This most likely only works for tops, since it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to try pants on. But if you come across a pair of designer jeans in your usual size and they’re only $6, go for it! You could always pass them on to someone else if they don’t fit and that would make an awesome present for only $6!

-Look for stains or wear/tear. Because they’re second-hand, there is a strong possibility that there could be signs of previous use. Look in the armpits, check the hems for rips and make sure all the buttons are there.

-Haggle. Always. Unless you ask how much and they say only $.25 cents. In that case, just pay the quarter and walk away happy.

And remember, that you’re not always going to find stuff. It’s a process and an adventure and half the fun is looking.

But careful, you could turn into a “garage sale junkie”. 😉


Happy Friday!

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  1. Wow, you could knock someone out with that ring. =) The blazer was a great find!!


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