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The Truth

I am 5 feet 5 inches (although you might often hear me say I’m 5’6″ because that extra inch seems so glamorous) and weigh 152 pounds.

I am a size 12.

I just want to give whoever is reading this blog the truth about my size, so they don’t A) think I’m a skinny twig (which is so far from the truth) and/or B) feel badly about their size when they look at my pictures.

I recently looked at StyleMint, Mary Kate & Ashley’s new line of clothes and was appalled that the largest size they offered was a size 4.

I could lose fifty pounds and I would still not fit into a size 4. I am not unhealthy nor out of shape, but I am completely aware and okay with the fact that I have (what my mother would call) “birthing hips”. I am entirely content with my size and not trying to be any smaller.

I hate that they would only offer sizes that small making other women feel as if they are in some way incompetent or not worthy to wear their clothing.

Here’s the truth:

Wear your size and wear it proudly.

Don’t try to wear something smaller than your size making you look uncomfortable and bulgy. And don’t wear sizes larger than you are because it’ll make you look frumpy or baggy.

But figure out your size and buy clothes that fit right. It doesn’t matter what size you are as long as your clothes fit well.

I’m not saying don’t take care of yourself, but if you’re out of shape or a bit overweight, start exercising and eating right as best as you can, but in the meantime wear clothes that make you look and feel good.

And remember that a clothing size is just a number and it’s how you wear it that counts.

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photo 1

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Happy Fashion Friday!

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  1. wear your size . wear it proudly..(compliments for this line)
    typically a girls blog. yet i am happie , got to see girlwiththesmile.

  2. Well said my friend!

  3. courtneydchristenson

    Great post Rena! Being healthy is the most important thing. Thanks for putting yourself out there. You’re a great example friend!

  4. Rena….. thanks for the pep talk! There is so much pressure on girls now a days to become toothpicks. It’s very unhealthy and they don’t realize the physical problems that will come their way when they are older. Moderation in everything! I love your blue striped dress with the white blazer and red shoes! So patriotic. =)


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