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Throw Away 50 Things

Hi, my name is Rena and I am a hoarder.

Okay, so I wouldn’t say I’m 100% a hoarder, but I definitely have hoarder tendencies.

I want to say it got passed down to me by my depression-era surviving grandma and a mentality of completely finding every use possible for the things you own.

Well, this girl just happened to marry a boy who is a 100% purger. He throws stuff away before he’s even done using it. No joke.

My cousin sent me a link to this article from the Art of Doing Stuff blog.

I’ll admit when I first read “Get rid of 50 things” I was taken back.

50 things?!! I mean, maybe I can get rid of 20 things, but 50?! That’s a ton!

After days weeks of pondering about this and thinking of things I could get rid of, I took a box and wandered around my house filling it up with things I don’t need.

This process probably took me a half an hour and here’s what I collected.

50 Things 2

50 Things 1

And do you know what my total was? 54 things!!!!

It was so easy and I could totally keep going!

Plus, that doesn’t even include the gigantic amount of clothes I am getting rid of/selling.

I challenge you to get rid of 50 things. It’s completely freeing.

Go. Now. Do it!

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  1. So I haven’t counted, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve hit 50. I’ve been clearing out makeup, workout DVDs, clothes, perfume, workout clothes, pjs, etc. I love that everything that is left are items I really like and use!

  2. Love this! I’m going to copy you! We just purged a bunch when we moved but I bet I could still find 50 things because I’m a bit of a hoarder myself!


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