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The Fox Sweater Saga

Our story begins with a picture posted by Leslie Padgett on her instagram. It was a picture of her and a friend wearing matching brown sweaters with a fox on the front.

I was immediately in love.

Let me preface this by saying, I don’t follow trends often. I prefer to wear what looks good on me and what I like, but I fell hard for this animal sweater trend. Perhaps because I’ve always had an inner longing to be Punky Brewster.

I asked Leslie where it was from and she said Old Navy. I quickly went online to get one and couldn’t find it listed anywhere.

A couple days later, I finally made it into the actual Old Navy store. After searching through the whole store, I asked an employee if this elusive sweater even exists.

She stated that yes in fact they had it, but there was only one left and it was in an extra-extra-large size.

photo 1

I sadly looked at my other option, a sweater with an owl and took it to the register. I made small talk with the clerk and told her that I was settling for the owl sweater since they didn’t have the fox ones left.

She asked if I wanted her to search for it for me at another store. I dubiously said sure guessing that they would all be out since it was apparently super popular.

She made a phone call and found it at a different store, in my size and they covered the shipping cost sending it directly to my house!!

HURRAY! Major shout out to Denise at the Vista Old Navy store!

So… after all of that “drama”, the cute fox sweater is headed to my house soon. Maybe I should pair it with some rainbow knee socks. 😉

What trends have you fallen hard for lately?

Oh, and I also saw this hanging at the front of the store.

photo 2

Of course, Taylor Swift is into animal sweaters. She knows what’s what. 😉


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Happy Fashion Friday!

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