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Fashion “Black” Friday

I had the pleasure of hanging out with my gorgeous friend, Cara, this week.

We made up some outfits to show how to layer and transition a dress or outfit from spring/summer to fall/winter.

Keep in mind that we live in Southern California, so we don’t bundle up as much as some states, but some of the concepts of layering can still be used.

1. A long sleeve shirt and leggings/tights can make a dress last all year long.

2. A great pair of boots is a valuable thing to have.

3. Cardigans are your best friend for the fall transition. Buy them in a lot of colors.

4. Always layer shirts over top of each other. You’ll never know what will and won’t work until you try. Plus, scarves add warmth and a pop of color.

5. A blazer or jacket can pull any dress or outfit together to look more professional, no matter what time of year.

6. Flannel shirts can be tied at the waist to act as outerwear or you could button and belt one like a cardigan.

What do you think? Are there any outfits that you wear in warmer weather that you think you could transition to fall?

Since this is such a picture dense post, I’ll be posting MY outfits from the week tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Happy Black Friday! 🙂

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