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Ten on Ten

I am doing a post today with ten pictures on the 10th and because it is November, I thought I’d do a “thankful” twist on it.

I am thankful for gorgeous sunrises and shiny streets after a rainy night.

I am thankful for longtime friends who have kids the same age as mine.

I am thankful for tator tots and vanilla coke. 😉

I am thankful for the ability to purchase stuff that have been gently used by others.

I am thankful for Costco samples to keep my children quiet while we shop. (AKA “What the heck was I thinking coming here on a Saturday around my kids’ nap time”).

I am thankful for fun packages that come in the mail. Check out Pick Your Plum to see all of their awesome items!

Thankful for the chance to grocery shop on my own during nap time. Last minute things for our chili cook-off tomorrow.

I’m thankful for creative children. They turned the new cart I bought today into a fort, but called it an RV because it has wheels.

Thankful for a husband who helps with dinner and holds my hand. We made John Wayne Casserole! Delicious!

I’m thankful for television and the chance to cuddle with my boys before they go to sleep.

And most of all I am thankful for the weekend and the chance to rest and catch up on daily chores.

What did you do today?

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  1. Love the photos, those are some great things to be thankful for.

  2. such a sweet set. i love the holding hands shot. and comment. made my heart melt.

  3. Lovely photos. Love the comment about taking the kids to Costco, I sure can sympathize.

  4. mmmmm tots! Great set 😉


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