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Fashion Friday

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This last week I was sick. Just a head cold, but the kind that knocks you out and makes you feel like you can’t get out of bed from lack of energy (hence the lack of outfits this week…I figured you didn’t want to see pictures of me in my pajamas…ha!).I felt disgusting from constant napping and ragged coughing.

It made me think of all the times I have felt imperfect.

When I was younger, I actually believed that I wouldn’t get married because of the reasons below. I also compare myself to others at times and feel “not pulled together”, like I’m never 100%.

I am “flawed” because:

-I go for days without showering. If you know me, you regrettably know this fact. I despise showers for the time they take. If there was a pill I could take to stay clean, I would take it.

-I say stupid/awkward things. I am pretty sure my foot is in my mouth 80% of my life. This is a fault that I work the hardest on. I saw a quote on pinterest that said “Sometimes, my greatest accomplishment is just keeping my mouth shut.” So true.

-I don’t shave for weeks months. This goes right along with the showering pill concept.

-I wear clothes out of the dirty clothes hamper. So many times I’ve not had enough clean clothes, mostly caused by laziness and not doing the laundry.

-I forget to wear deodorant. Although most of the time these days I will put it on and then put it on again five minutes later because I forgot that I put it on previously. Ugh.

-I poorly maintain my eyebrows. I swear that these little buggers just sneak up on me and are all of a sudden bushy. Grr.

-I leave old nailpolish on my nails forever. I leave the sad remnants of my manicure on for weeks which drives my coworker crazy.

-I have super scaly dry legs. Very often I get to work only to notice that my legs are disgustingly dry because I forgot to put lotion on. Why are there so many beauty things to remember to do?! Being a girl is so difficult sometimes!

Despite all of these things, the thing that I have to remember is I am a daughter of God and no matter how poorly I look (or smell…oy!), He loves me. Above all else, I strive to have integrity, speak and act kindly to others and be a light for Christ’s truth every day.

I know today is not completely fashion related, but a good reminder every day to look past your “imperfections” when you’re having an off day and remember that



Happy Friday! 🙂

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  1. Hi Rena!

    Love your blog! Just wanted to relate to your imperfections. I hate to shower too!! And now that I’m a nurse, it sucks cuz I feel like I should always shower when I get home (but I don’t….. Shhhhh). Also hate plucking the eyebrows, rarely do it and get them waxed once every three months. I sometimes wonder why I am girl. To be a guy would be so much easier! I think you have a wonderful, beautiful fashion sense! I love to shop, but don’t think I have a real style besides casual. Anyways, love your blog, and I relate!

    • Thanks, Sarah! It’s good to know there are other people that loathe showers as much as me. 🙂

      • Nicole @ gidgetgoeshome

        I’m with y’all on the shower thing. So annoying to have to take the time to do it. I love it once I’m in there though. I hate to shave but I was not blessed with legs as hairless as yours so I have to do it or otherwise be wielding mini weapons on my legs!

  2. I just want you to know that probably 90 percent of girls do at least 90 percent of these things as well. I LOATHE showering and shaving. The reason I shave is so I don’t have to get in bed with prickly legs. But every time I do shave I itch so bad I could scream. Especially in winter..

    I also forget deodorant but find it helpful to keep a stick in my purse. Better to be putting it on at a stop light than stinkin up the office!

    Also I lost my tweezers. I have dark hair. Nuff said.

    Also, it is better to have an imperfection of the body than of the heart!

  3. I want your last outfit….love it!! including the hair…so cute! thanks for sharing, Rena. Love u. every part 😉

  4. I can’t believe you feel “not put together” sometimes! You always have such cute outfits! What must you think of me and my complete lack of fashion sense! 🙂 anyway…I know as women we often struggle with comparing ourselves to others, but when we do we’re either giving into envy (if we think we’re falling short) or we’re being prideful (if we think we’re doing better than the other person)–I heard that somewhere and always try to remember it when I’m starting to compare. Anyway, I think you’re adorable and have such cute outfits. Don’t be so hard on yourself! 🙂

    • Krissa~ I NEVER think poorly of anyone because of how they look because I have those days for sure. Thanks for the kind words. If you ever want to get together to make some outfits out of your closet or to go shopping, just let me know. I’d be totally up for up! 🙂


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