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Fashion Friday

Is it just me or was it the 4th of July last week?!

How the heck is Halloween less than a week away!?!

Halloween Collage

In case you have a party to go to this weekend and haven’t thought of a costume yet, I’ve come up with some last-minute costume ideas that might work for you.

Don’t feel like you have to go naked for this one! Any natural looking color outfit would work like green, light brown or tan. Put a couple leaves in your hair and you could even staple or glue some to your “special places” to look like you’re “covering up”. Pick up an apple and you’re ready. If you have a pet or stuffed snake, that’s an added bonus.

I bought this dress at a garage sale and used our beer stein (you don’t have one of these laying around your house? Weird.). Pretty simple outfit, but pretty effective. Your hair could also be put in ponytails.

I also bought this outfit at a garage sale, but the same effect could be done with a long brown t-shirt you cut up and fray on the edges. I put my hair up messily and stuck sticks into it. Pick up your “club” and you’re ready.

So…this outfit is super easy if you are the mother of small boys and happen to have a lot of pirate accessories lying around your house. Otherwise, it’s easy to attach some “facial hair” to a stick and make a hook out of aluminum foil and walk around yelling “ARH!” at people as they pass.

This angelic look is easy to achieve if you have an all-white dress. If you don’t have wings like these, you could glue feathers to some cardboard and then take golden thread and loop into a halo and bobby pin to your hair.

For this maid costume, I put on an all-black outfit with heels and added a doily “apron”. I put my hair up and added a bow finishing it off with some cleaning accessories (a broom or duster would also work).

With all of these outfits, don’t forget that your hairstyle and accessories can really finish off an outfit.
For two more ideas, consider dressing up as a robber, a Mad Men character, Mary Poppins or a biker as seen hereย and here. So cute.

Lastly, how old is too old to go trick-or-treating? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Happy Friday! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. You are looking so great and skinny. I love the three middle outfits. I love the neutral with the pop if red. And the green plaid…great!

    Also if you have skinny jeans, lots of bulky jewelry and hipster tees… You coul get a dicker costum together. Or a scarecrow if you can find overalls just paint patches on you face maybe find some straw or raffia…done.

  2. I love all your outfits this week! Setiously, every one of them is super stylish and really flatters your body.

    And I do actually have two beer steins lying around! Mine are glass though. We used them as part of our “German” Halloween costumes a few years ago. Now J drinks water out of them at dinner so he doesn’t have to get up and refill his glass haha!

  3. I love all your costumes………. I especially love the beer girl.. Addie says she likes the cave girl. My favorite outfit is the tan sweater blouse, white pants and red shoes. It’s dressy enough, but comfortable. Great fashion week post!!


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